gift pack four


Perfect gift pack for handcrafting brewed coffee using a pour-over brewer that includes:

  • 1 Hario V60 ceramic dripper (2 cup)
  • 2 Terra Keramik large coffee mugs (12 oz) – choose your favorite color below
  • 1 package of 40 Hario coffee filters (2 cup)

gift pack four is an $96 value offered for $77 (20% savings compared to purchasing each item separately).

If you are interested in the smaller 8 oz coffee mugs, please check out gift pack one.

Hario V60 ceramic dripper

Brew a more flavorful cup of coffee with the Hario V60 ceramic funnel dripper. The 60° angle of the cone, the inner spiral ribs, and the large hole at the bottom optimize the extraction of flavors from the coffee. You can vary the taste of coffee by adjusting the flow of water. For lighter taste – pour quickly, for depth of flavor – pour more slowly.

The 2 cup version of the V60 dripper brews 16 ounces of coffee and is handcrafted from white ceramic. We recommend you use Hario filters (included) for the V60 coffee drippers. Place the V60 coffee dripper on top of the Hario V60 Range Server (not included) or directly on top of either a Terra Keramik 8 ounce coffee mug or 12 ounce large coffee mug. Handcrafted by Hario Glass in Japan since 1921.

Terra Keramik large coffee mugs

The large mug holds 12 ounces and can be used for coffee or tea. It holds 50% more volume than our 8 ounce mug, and has basically the same shape (slightly taller than wide compared to the 8 ounce mug). This mug is recommended for coffee, espresso-based milk beverages (such as lattes), hot chocolate, and steeping tea directly in the mug.

Characterized by a simple and clean design, the large mug has beautifully glazed outside and inside surfaces in your choice of eight different colors. The rim and handle are finished in a platinum glaze. The forefinger fits through the generous handle to lift the mug, which feels well balanced (the handle is slightly larger compared to the handle on the 8 ounce mug).

The quality of these handcrafted coffee mugs is evident. Triple fired for maximum durability. Lead-free and cadmium-free glazes for an absolute food-safe finish. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for a microwave (pre-heat the cups either on top of your espresso machine or by filling with hot water). Quality handcrafted in Switzerland.

Price: from $96.00$77.00