TORR Burled Walnut Tampers


The Persian walnut (Juglans regia) is hard, dense (1000 kg per m3), tight-grained and polishes to a very smooth finish. The color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate color in the heartwood. When air-dried, the wood can become a rich purplish-brown. The Persian walnut grows as tall decidious trees in southeast Europe and southwest and central Asia.

Because of its color, hardness and grain, it is a prized furniture and carving wood. Walnut burls (several feet across in size) are commonly used to create bowls and other turned pieces. Veneer sliced from walnut burl is one of the most valuable and highly prized by cabinet makers, prestige car manufacturers and musical instrument makers. Walnut wood has been the timber of choice for gun makers for centuries.

TORR Classic Burled Walnut with Black Titanium Base
Diameter 53 mm (flat and convex bottom), 58 mm (convex bottom)
Tamper Height 3 3/4 in. (95 mm)
Piston Height 1/2 in. (13 mm)
Weight 10.5 oz. (300 g) for 53 mm
  11 oz. (340 g) for 58 mm

Notice: The tampers are handcrafted from premium hardwoods and stainless steel. Wood is a natural product and each piece is therefore unique and will differ in color, grain and finish. These characteristics enhance the beauty of the finished tamper.

Price: from $105.00
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